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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Handmade Mother's Day Gift For Children To Make

With Mother's Day not too far away, we realise that many people will be thinking ahead as to what children can give to Mum for Mother's Day this year. We think that handmade gifts are so much more meaningful than an off the shelf purchase, so what better than for children to make something to give.

Today we have been making bracelets for Mum using beads which are suitable for any age of child to use, even preschoolers. To personalise the bracelets we used children's alphabet letter beads. We have both smaller letter beads and larger ones for the little children to use.

We sell the beads by the letter so that the choice of letter is guaranteed. Also in mixed letter packs. For an individual child, a mixed pack would be fine, but for groups who would require several of the same letter (in this case letters M U and M) the additional packs of single letters are advisable so as not to be disappointed that there are not enough of the letters you need.

Mother's Day Bracelets
Bracelets made for Mum
We like to think that children could use beads which their Mothers are likely to wear. However, they must also be suitable for children to work with. This means no glass beads but wood or plastic. We choose a simple small round plastic bead to compliment the small cube shaped alphabet beads, but the choice can be left to the children as to what they think their Mum would like (and not what they like themselves!) These bracelets are threaded onto stretchy cord so there is no worry from the child that it might not fit their Mum's wrist!

We also made a key fob using wooden alphabet beads and coloured wooden beads to match. Young children might need help spelling out the word 'Mummy', but after all, this is a good learning opportunity too. Choosing the style of bead, the colour, then the arrangement makes each child's bracelet that they have created unique and special for their own Mum.

And if Mum is the one doing the making with the children, perhaps Grandma would be thrilled to receive a bracelet instead.

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