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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Starting Sewing with Children

We created a sewing starter set for children to learn to sew. The intention with this traditional set is that they learn to sew at their own pace, in the way the suits them best. There is no right way or wrong way with this set, in fact every child would be sure to create something different based on where ever their interests lie.

We have included a mix of sewing supplies enabling children to be creative and produce something unique to themselves. If this sounds a little daunting, you might be wondering where you would begin. In order to give your child a starting point and gain confidence in actually achieving something initially, we have included a precut felt fish as a first project to help with this.

The fabrics are a mix of textures, including a piece of fun fur -who could not resist touching that!

Felt has the advantage of not fraying at the edges - fraying fabric is something that children will find difficult to deal with when they first start sewing.
Felt can be used to decorate the fish by cutting into small pieces or making a needle case, a pin cushion or a soft toy, a mobile phone case, a bean bag....what ever your child might like to do. You can find more ideas here ,on our Pinterest board which is filled with ideas that children can sew.

The principle of these contents is joining the fabric together. Shapes are cut from fabric and sewn together by sewing round the edges. The shapes can be drawn on paper first, pinned on to the fabric and cut round then sewn together.
The scissors will cut fabric accurately. We believe that when learning, the right tools are important. There is nothing more frustrating that working with something that is clumsy to use. We have included needles that will sew through all the types of fabrics. The plastic needle is great for young children to use and then, as they progress, they will be able to use a metal needle safely.

The dolly peg is for creating a peg doll character with by using the fabric provided, the trimmings and the craft embellishments. If you need ideas, you can see our dolly peg Pinterest board here.

This is not the type of kit which comes with specific instructions but is one that a child can experiment with and learn from. Most children will probably need a bit of help with from an adult. Additional sewing materials for children can also be purchased should you need or like any more. This set is a creative activity for a wet day with your child or for a holiday with grandparents who might be more than keen to help. One that needs thinking about, planning, deciding, all the things that will help a child in the future, and above all, it is exciting and fun!

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