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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Beads for Making Kids Bracelets

Staring at a bag of newly delivered children's beads for making bracelets, well staring into space really, as you do...
Painted wooden beads
Painted Wooden Beads

Suddenly inspiration came to us for making some kid's bracelets with these beads, based on the art activity we did for Autumn.

Blackberry Art for Children

 How much those beads looked like blackberries - the colours were similar and the little painted dots looked like the light shining on to the bumped surface of the blackberries.

So, using the colours of nature we selected similar coloured beads to the blackberry.

Usually Autumn colours are associated with the falling leaves, such as the golden colours, the russets, reds, oranges, browns and yellows but here we have an Autumn bracelet that is different.

For children to make this bracelet they will only need a few beads from the bag, depending on the size of their wrist.

Kids beads for making bracelets - selected colours - purple, green and red

Simply thread the beads onto elastic and cut the ends to fit.
Threading the beads

Then tie a reef knot ( right over left, left over right) and thread the excess elastic back through the adjacent beads.
Children's Bracelet

Whatever the time of year, the colour of these beads in the bracelet look so pretty together -children's bracelets inspired by the blackberry bush!

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