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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Children's Button Bracelet Craft

This is an easy version of making a button bracelet which is suitable for young children to make. Here we are threading the buttons on to the elastic or thread in a straight line.



Cut a length of cord (or round elastic) approx 50cm long and fold in half. Taking each end, thread through the first button, leaving a loop. This loop is for fastening the bracelet on to the wrist.
Thread on the remaining buttons in a line using both ends of the thread.

Tip - buttons with four holes are easier to use, rather than two holed buttons. This is because both of the threads would need to pass through the single hole on a two holed button. This really is a squeeze and children would find it difficult to do.

Keep adding buttons until the length will fit round the wrist.
We overlapped the buttons slightly so that when curved round the wrist there are no spaces. You might like to do it like that or not. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

 To keep the buttons from falling off the thread we used a single large button. You can choose to do similar or add a bead or a small bell, whatever you like.

Young children might like an elasticated bracelet which they can slip on and off by themselves. To fasten the bracelet, wrap the loop round the last button.