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Monday, 27 May 2013

Button Bracelet for Children to Make

Simple instructions for making a button bracelet with children. This is a method of threading buttons onto elastic or cord which children can do themselves to make their own bracelet from buttons. It's a children's craft activity for a rainy day in summer and something which children will be proud to wear with summer clothing.

Some children might need help from an adult as concentration is required, even though the threading is easy. It would be a perfect activity for children to do with grandparents as it is something that can be done together.
Recommended age: 7-8 years upwards, depending on ability.

What you will need
A good selection of buttons (approx 25 depending on their size)
Cord - non stretch or stretchy - 20 - 30 cm depending on the length you require. Excess can be trimmed.

How to make the button bracelet
Choose the buttons from your bag of buttons. They can be all the same size or a mixture of sizes. Children are best using small or medium sized buttons so that the finished bracelet is not heavy or cumbersome on their small wrist.
The bracelet can be made with either clear stretchy cord, coloured elastic or  waxed cord.

This type of button bracelet is formed by a double row of buttons. The process is to thread the thread down two holes and up two holes. The buttons overlap each other.
( If there are four holes, choose the diagonal hole)

Start by going up one hole and down the other hole in the button.

Then go down the first hole in the next button and up the other.
Next you go up the hole and down, down the next button and up.
Keep adding the buttons, ensuring that they lie flat when spread out, till the length will fit round the wrist.
Simply make a double knot in your thread, trim the ends and the bracelet is ready to wear
Brightly Coloured Button Bracelet for Children
Natural Coloured Button Bracelet using Large Buttons