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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Mini Christmas Tree from Cardboard

We made a Christmas tree from cardboard. This one happens to be a mini Christmas tree but it can be made on whatever scale you like.

A Christmas tree from cardboard can be made by children of any age. Here we have used a ruler to measure out the tree shape to make it symmetrical, but a younger child might like to draw free hand.

After making a template from paper, we cut out the tree from cardboard. To make the inner tree shape we used kitchen foil.

We decorated with white snowflake sequins and made a base from a strip of cardboard, formed into a triangle.

The lovely thing about working with cardboard is that it is strong and ridged but also can be manipulated.
To go one step further:
 Use hook and loop dots instead of snowflake sequins. Attach embellishments such as coloured pom poms, pony beads or buttons to the other half of the dots - great fun for a preschool child to decorate the cardboard tree ...over and over again