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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Christmas Lolly Stick Puppets

What better time than Christmas for encouraging children to get busy with their arts and crafts.

Not only can children enjoy making their own Christmas presents to give to others, cards, gift tags, decorations for the tree and home, they can make puppets to inspire their imagination for story telling and puppet shows.

Based around Christmas characters, their favourite Christmas story book or the Nativity story, a group of children can have have great fun at Christmas time with lolly stick puppets.
 To make 
  • Start with the head, adapting to suit the shape of the character's head  (drawing round a jar lid initially might help to get the circle shape, then modify as desired).

  • Tip - draw and cut out the shapes from paper first, then draw round the paper onto the foam before cutting out the shapes in foam - it might be easier and less wasteful if shapes don't go quite right first time.

There is no right or wrong, the children can create their puppets just as they visualise. So long as there is a head with a face to begin with, you cannot go wrong. And how satisfying for the child that they made it, just as they like..

For basic shapes or ideas you can use these Christmas templates or get out your favourite book to look at faces and discuss shape, colour, expression.
By doing this, it is helping to teach children the steps they need to take on their own to persevere with design, discover if what they thought they could do is possible and, when mastered, it should result in a feeling of pride.

Now for the fun of the puppet show...