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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Printmaking for Children - Introducing the Brayer

Simple printmaking can be done at a very young age. Children can print with any objects that has a shape and a relatively flat surface.
  • Potato printing is a traditional method of printing for young children, where by a shape is cut into the surface of half a potato. Other vegetables can be use for their difference in shape.
  • Painting on half of a sheet of paper and then folding the paper over is another method of printing by mirroring the applied paint on the opposite side of the paper.
  • Finger paintings also can be printed - a pool of paint on a slippery surface, such as a tray, can be swirled around and drawn in with the fingers then printed by placing paper over the top and rubbing firmly.
  •  Household objects can be printed with or any thing which had an interesting texture, such as cotton reels, potato mashers, toy cards, cups etc.

  •  Printing with sponge shapes
Printing sponges

Foam dabbers
Foam dabbers make wonderful prints which can be joined together to create a background, depth of colour applied by re-applying paint in certain areas and they can also be used make lines and shapes.
Sponge rollers for children
Sponge Rollers

The value of a brayer roller in printmaking with children

Brayer roller
Brayer rollers
We have added brayer rollers to our children's art product range. Overall, there are so many uses, no child should be with out a brayer. We believe their use to be invaluable when it comes to art with children.

Brayers are used for lino printing. Strength is required to cut  lino and the tools are sharp. However, great results can be achieved once children are old enough to do it.
The brayer is loaded with ink or paint and rolled over the lino, once the design has been cut into the surface. Paper or fabric is placed on top and pressed.
This can be pressed by rolling with a clean brayer.
Large Paint Stampers

For younger children, a brayer can be used with stampers to roll the paint evenly onto the surface of the stamp.
Rainbow Ink Pad

Brayers can be used by rolling on an ink pad. Applying pressure to the paper with the roller will make a wonderful background which can be graduated in colour.

And last but not least, a brayer is an excellent tool for rolling on top of something that has been glued, while the glue is wet, to save lumps and bumps forming and spread the glue evenly underneath. Well worth the investment just for that!

Cabbage leaf printing
Printing with foam dabbers
Printing with string

Printed butterfly