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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Making Peg Doll Angels

Increasing our Christmas range of children's' craft products we have introduced our peg doll angel kits.
These kits make a Christmas angel which can be hung on the Christmas tree or in a child's bedroom.
The whole pack is ideal for a group, such as Brownies, after school clubs or by teachers for their classes.

To make:
  1. First make the face by placing the adhesive face sticker on the round end of the peg.
  2. Fold the silver doiley in half and half again.Cut a small part off the triangle- enough to enable the peg to slip through. 
  3. To make the dress - push the dolly peg through the hole and glue into place. Allow to dry.
  4. Cut approx 10cm tinsel string and wrap round the top of the dress. Use a dab of glue to secure.
  5. To make the hair - wrap the gold thread around a piece of card, roughly the length of the you require for the angels' hair. Using another small piece of cord secure all threads together by tying a knot. Then tie the two ends together - this forms the hanging cord. Cut the bottom of the threads and you have the hair.
  6. Glue the threads to the peg doll's head
  7. To make the wings - glue the sequins on to the shiny silver wings.  Stick on to the back of the angel with the sticky pad provided.

Peg Doll Angel
One finished Peg Doll Angel from Rainbow Creations