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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Making a Children's Craft Box

The best type of box to hold children's craft supplies is a container that is inexpensive.
The reason is, that as you collect craft materials for your child to use, you will find that the need for a bigger box comes quite quickly.

A large shoe box with a lid, covered with either wrapping paper or plain paper, such as brown paper or coloured paper, is a good size box to start off with. Your child could decorate or personalise their box, once covered. 
As you progress to a larger box, you could add handles, to carry with, made from thick cord - the type found on gift bags is suitable.

When filling a craft box for children, the best thing is to offer a range of craft supplies which can be used in different ways.

What to put in a children's craft box

Basic equipment you will need

Paper scissors, glue spreaders and glue

Materials to work with

The following craft supplies will provide your child with materials to work with. These are our suggestions.

From the products below, you will find a starting point. Children can experiment themselves as to how they choose to use them. Through experimenting they will come to learn about design, joining and the capabilities of each given product.

Coloured Pipe Cleaners for model making

Tissue paper for scrunching, covering models and collage
Lolly Sticks for building models or making stick puppets

Feathers for decorating, for headdresses or pictures

Foam shapes or sheets for cutting and arranging

Pom poms for gluing, sewing together or making fluffy creatures
And last, but not least, something a children's craft box should definitely not be without, is wiggly eyes. Sometimes known as google eyes, wiggle eyes, or joggle eyes. They can be glued on or some have a self adhesive backing. They come in a range of sizes and some are coloured, some are black and white.

                               Wiggly eyes for puppet making or card making

If you wanted, you could add a few sparkly bits such as sequins or gems.

Or some pony beads for threading, glitter for sprinkling

You could collect bits and pieces that you find in your home, such as sweet wrappers, milk carton tops, cord from unwanted bags, buttons from old clothes, anything that might come in use one day for something, so long as it's safe for children to use.

Part of the fun with craft for kids, is not knowing what it is that they are going to make. By looking at the contents of their craft box and using their imagination as their guide, they will be surprised at what they can make - a great sense of achievement.
Stuck for ideas, here you can find plenty of ideas for kids art and craft activities

Children will eventually develop their personal preferences as to what type of art or craft they like the best. Some children enjoy model making, some children don't. Others will enjoy sewing or decorating, some prefer painting and drawing... and from your own awareness of this you can provide your child with products and equipment to suit them personally.