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Monday, 2 April 2012

Model Making with Mod Roc

Have you ever used Mod roc?  Mod roc is the name given to bandage covered in plaster of paris. It is used to make large structures and models with the advantage of being light in weight and easy to use.
Once dry, the model will be strong.

Mod roc is a superb art material for building scenery, making masks, puppet, castings and sculptures. Children can use Mod roc under adult supervision.

This Mod roc hedgehog was constructed with scrunched up newspaper, Mod roc and cocktail sticks by Elliot Blakey, Year 10.

To make a Mod roc model 
It is necessary to decide what you will construct the model's support from. A structure can be formed from cardboard, wire, scrunched up newspaper, cotton wool, foam, card board tubes, pipe cleaners or even a blown up balloon. Use plenty of tape to create the basic shape.

Once the structure is made Mod roc is draped over the structure. This will level and make your structure continuous. It will smooth out and manipulate the shape of your model to the desired form.

Applying the Mod roc

Preparation -
  •  You will need a bowl or container of water, approx. 2 litres
  • Unroll the Mod Roc
  • Estimate or lay the Mod Roc over the area and cut with scissors into the desired lengths
  • Cut enough lengths and shapes so that you can cover your whole model. 
  • You will need to over lap the pieces so that all areas are covered.
How to use -
  • Quickly wet a piece of Mod roc by placing in the water
  • Make sure that the whole strip is wet.
  • Immediately place on the structure
  • Smooth out with your fingers
  • Mod Roc can be manipulated to create texture and shape
  • Once totally covered, smooth with a wet finger in a circular motion.
  • Drying time varies. Some models are dry in 30 minutes but can take up to 24 hours.  
  • Mod roc can be painted once completely dry. 
 Tips -
  • Keep fingers dry until you are ready to use it -Mod roc sets quickly- do not touch with wet fingers
  • Protect all surfaces and clothing
  • Wash off excess plaster with warm water
  • To add strength to your model, add more layers and overlap.
  • If your child has sensitive skin, provide them with protective gloves.
  • If you wish to keep the original structure, cover with petroleum jelly, foil or cling film.
  • Mod Roc is made up of fibres. If the fibres are pulled, this will spoil your model. Use scissors to cut off any excess.
  • Acrylic paint will produce the best results, however, any paint can be used.
  • Mod roc can be decorated with embellishments or craft products.