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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Rainbow Creations' Childrens First Paint Sets

Rainbow Creations Paint Sets  for young children are now available. These are intended for beginners; suitable for children age 3-4 years old.

For children who have not painted before, these first painting sets would make a lovely gift.

The brushes are specially designed for little children to hold in their palm as this is how young children naturally hold a brush at that age.

They are short brushes which will not roll off the table when put down as they have a little ridge all the way down to stop them. If they are held upright with paint on, paint will not run down the handle.

The bowls enable children to see the paint and the brush will fit into the bowl. The brightly coloured painting bowls are made from strong plastic  - one of each colour, red, yellow, blue and green.

Four bottles of children's poster paint are supplied to complete the kit. If your child enjoys painting, further colours of paint are also available.

Protective clothing should be worn and any surfaces nearby covered with either a mat or old sheet.
Nothing else should be needed other than paper to paint on to, newspaper for the table and a damp cloth at the ready for any accidents.
Children will need adult supervision at all times while using this painting set.

All items are available individually, however if looking for a gift, this set is wrapped accordingly - we, at Rainbow Creations, are proud to announce this brand new product line.