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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How to knot clear stretchy elastic.

Clear stretchy beading elastic is invaluable for making neatly threaded pieces of jewellery but....have you ever knotted this plastic type of elastic to find that the knot bounces back and opens up again? 
So annoying when all the beads that you or your child has just patiently threaded trickle off the elastic and the necklace or bracelet you had nearly finished is no longer.

Knotting tips -

  • Put the two ends of elastic together.
  • With the loose ends between finger and thumb of one hand, hold the elastic close to where the knot is to be formed with the other hand. 
  • Pull gently to stretch the elastic. 
  Use a reef knot - right over left, left over right
  • When tying the knot, keep pulling the cord as much as possible. 
    • Repeat until you are confident it will not come undone.
    • The more the elastic is stretched, the more elasticity is removed and your beads will be secure.