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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Making Magic Christmas Dust

By making magic Christmas dust, children can be reassured that Santa will find their home and visit on Christmas Eve. 

Magic Christmas dust is easy to make by mixing a handful of oats with some glittery stars 

At bedtime the children can sprinkle the mixture on the door step.
The reindeer will smell the oats and the magic stars will sparkle in the moonlight to guide Santa in his sleigh to their home. The dust is 'magic' and children will shut the door knowing that they will not be forgotten.

In the morning, when Santa has done his job, the dust should be swept up. 

The reindeer may have left their mark by leaving droppings which look just like chocolate..well..after all the reindeer did enjoy the oats.

Please note - we do not recommend sprinkling the mixture on the lawn or anywhere it can be digested by birds or small mammals.