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Friday, 17 June 2011

Favorite names - What are yours?

Once children have been named, babies names are not something that most people would  think about.
Times and trends change so quickly and occasionally we hear a name we have never heard of before. Instantly we either like or dislike the name, but as time goes on those names become more familiar, and before we know it, what we thought was a common name, no longer is.

We needed to get back in touch with some popular baby names of today. The reason being, for our photo of our letter beads. Children love to spell out their own name when making a bracelet or piece of jewellery and of course, we didn't want to make a name which was, well, old fashioned!

We found a fantastic website for with various trends in babies names ( a great help to anyone who is stuck for a name) called Baby Names Garden 
 We decided to go for the third most popular of 2011, Olivia and Jay, the shorter version of Jayden, which were our favourites. Would you have chosen the same?